Meet Naomi


In 1990, Naomi Salberg began working for internationally-recognized Emory University.  For the 12 years she worked there, she worked with faculty and staff, helping them with their department’s goal setting and implementation, recruitment and staffing, training, team building and individual growth and development.   Shortly after child number four was born, she decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her previous experience, and began her own holistic Business Consulting and Coaching practice.

Naomi has now been consulting and coaching for over 25 years.  She has worked with hundreds of for-profits, non-profits and individuals on five continents.  Her varied client list includes work with incarceration re-entry programs, Academy Award nominated directors, New York Times Bestselling authors, CEO’s in various industries, executive board members, international food programs, world reknown doctors, real estate gurus, leading life-transformation specialists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and many more.  In addition, Naomi has been hired as an Outsourced Mentor for Brand Launcher, Source Point Solutions and The Short Sale Service.

As Naomi worked with various industries and individuals on a wide-range of production and efficiency issues, she was quite aware of a common, recurring hidden cost across the spectrum:  ABSENTEEISM.  Being a big advocate of living a healthy lifestyle in her own life, she began finding higher success return for her clients when spending time focusing on their Health and Wellness, both  for themselves and their staffs.  Now, in addition to her holistic business consulting and coaching, businesses and individuals hire her for her expertise in Health and Wellness Coaching.

Naomi subscribes to “giving back to the community” herself.  Although Naomi has earned an income since before she was a teenager, she has also always realized the importance of social responsibility. By the time she was 13 years old, Naomi’s voluntarily contributions included making weekly visits to nursing homes, holding annual fundraising carnivals for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, being an active participant in the Girl Scouts of America, teaching preschool students how to swim and making toys for orphaned children.  As an adult she has given her time to the Georgia Special Olympics, provided food and gifts for needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, tutored elementary students how to read and assisted homeless women create resumes and prepare for job interviews.

Naomi is married to Larry and together they have six children.