Workplace Health and Wellness Coaching

What is NSCC Workplace Health and Wellness Coaching and How Will This Improve My Business?

Workplace Health and Wellness are organization wide activities, policies, and plans to support healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes while at work.  And the stronger your staff feels, the more engaged they will be.


Why is Health and Wellness Important In and Out of the Workplace?

Decreases absenteeism, decreases chronic illness, decreases weight and weight gain

Increases productivity, increases morale and outlook, increases energy and vitality

Is This Just About Exercising?

No.  Health and Wellness can include becoming more fit through movement, but there is so much more to being healthy and well than just working out. 

Can Health and Wellness Be Enjoyable?

Absolutely!  Health and Wellness needs to be something you enjoy so that you want to stick with it.  For it to truly be successful in making lasting changes, it needs to become sustainable actions that are maintained indefinitely.  It needs to be incremental changes which become a way of life.  If it is not enjoyable, it will not be adopted as a regular practice.


What Kind of Programs Are Offered?


  1. Waist Not – Find out how your waistline is so indicative to your overall health and how to get and keep and a healthy waistline.

  2. Exercise with Enthusiasm – The best exercise regimen for you is the one you will keep. Learn to create the right movement for your needs.

  3. Making Friends with Food – What if you could eat more often and eliminate chronic conditions like high blood pressure or mood swings at the same time? Discover what really makes a food good for you and how to get to eat more of the foods you like.

  4. No Pain Required – You really can reduce pain and inflammation without increasing your pill intake. Find out how.

  5. Health Education – Your body is its own internal pharmacy. Learn new ways of becoming healthier, feeling and looking younger and raising your vitality—without medication.


Whether individually or with a group who shares your Health and Wellness goals, work directly with a coach regarding your specific concerns.


With your staff, work towards collective Health and Wellness goals with incentivized results where everyone wins.


Be a part of creating an environment where everyone is reminded, encouraged and rewarded to take better care of themselves.


An organization can only be as healthy and strong as its human resources.  A healthy staff brings with it:

            + More engaged employees

            + Increased employee retention

            + Lower healthcare costs

            + Stronger sense of work community

            + Fewer sick days used